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Coca-Cola is bringing a new product to the Indian market. Quicksand helped develop the brand launch strategy informing activation, on-premise presence, off-premise presence and media visibility. Leveraging design methodologies, Quicksand developed

  • core brand platforms for all communication & outreach
  • an experience blueprint at different phases of the product life-cycle stretching over 3 years (seeding, soft-launch, consolidation, expansion)
  • user personas and scenarios establishing the desired user experience at different points of consumption
  • key brand lock-ups and manifests thereof
  • relevant advertising for key consumer groups
  • visualisations of key activation concepts (activity, flow of events, visual guidelines, supporting merchandise & key facilitators)

The product launch is due in a few months from now till which we are committed to a non-disclosure agreement. But keep watching this space for an update.

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