Editorial || June 2016

Quicksand’s Workshops & Ideation Sessions: A Photo Essay

Amey Bansod

Keywords: Workshops, Human-Centered Design, Ideation, Photo Essay

Quicksand hosting an Ideation Workshop in Tanzania

Babitha and Kevin presenting research findings from the field

Observing, Documenting and Sorting

Participants view thematic opportunity areas at the workshop in Tanzania.

Quicksand hosting a design thinking workshop in Mali

Ayush leading a brainstorm on intervention opportunities, Mali.

Journey mapping the malnutrition ecosystem and stakeholders

Amey leading training sessions in Bhopal, to assess efficacy and usability of a toolkit

A healthcare centre in South Sudan

Left: A child being assessed for malnutrition by a Healthcare Volunteer
Top: Amey leading a training workshop in South Sudan

Right: Kevin soliciting and documenting end-user feedback

Top: Testing tools with beneficiaries.

Top : Ayush starts an introductory discussion on design and design thinking at the Reach workshop, Bangalore.

Top Right: Bas Raijmakers from STBY, leading a break-out facilitator session at the workshop.

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