Quicksand’s Offsite in Coorg

Kevin Shane

The Quicksand team has a long-standing tradition of setting aside time each year to pump the brakes on our work and co-locate somewhere beautiful to discuss the state of the studio in past, present, and future tenses. Though we are a relatively small firm, with less than 20 employees, having two offices in India, as well as a project office in Cambodia, means that our face-to-face time can be limited. These offsites provide ample opportunities to reconnect with our colleagues, discuss personal and professional goals, and have a little fun along the way.

Previous years have found us quite literally all over the map, with a trek in India’s Kashmir, snorkeling in Indonesia, a bit of city and beach time in Thailand, and scuba diving in India’s Andaman & Nicobar islands all serving as backdrops for recent offsites. This year we decided to stay a bit closer to home, and traveled to Coorg for a homestay. The team from Delhi flew down to join the Bangalore team for the 6-hour drive to one of Karnataka’s most scenic districts.

Over the four days and three nights we spent in Coorg, we were able to have detailed discussions on the studio’s finances and objectives, took the new hires through our business development strategy and goals, shared our individual road maps for the future with each other, and brainstormed around improving our internal and external communications, while still finding time for leisurely swims in the river and visits to some of the local tourist attractions.

There is always an air of reinvigoration after these meetings. We’re able to shake off the dust of yet another busy and amazing year and reconnect with each other as friends and colleagues. The openness and honesty, for both the good and the bad, of these retreats speaks to the value Quicksand places on individuals and our collective ability to accomplish great things together.


We will be sharing the outcomes of this offsite trip in future posts here, and encourage you to revisit this space to keep up-to-date with all the goings on here at Quicksand. As always, please reach out to us at, and let’s see where we can take a conversation.

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