Realistic Resolutions

Team Quicksand

The Realistic New Year’s Resolutions Newsletter

This holiday season we thought we’d keep it real with our New Year’s Resolutions. Happy holidays! What’s your resolution this year? Here are some of ours:

#2: Enough pussyfooting – it’s sub 1:40 for a half (marathon) this year!

#3: I will learn how not to drown when in water.

#4: I resolve to end the last of my twenties with an epic bang!

#5: Climb another mountain, read more Adichie, and always ask for extra guacamole.

#6: It’s time to get a vegetable & herb garden going on the terrace and gift plants to the studio’s friends.

#7: I resolve to draw freer, write more and consume mindfully.

#8: Cultivate a relationship with total chaos, come unglued and fall apart all the time, and pay more attention to all the things that bubble up through the cracks.

#9: I will eat healthy in 2016, as long as there is cake!

#10: I will gradually memorise and practice the essential chords and their synonyms.

#11: I will keep a cat in the flat without my flatmates’ knowledge!

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