Journal || February 2013

Curated Musical Collaboration: Sound Camp at UnBox


Initiated by Gebrüder Teichmann and Border Movement, SoundCamp is a collaboration format that enables artists from South Asia and Germany to engage and collaborate together in the field of electronic music. 8 selected SoundCamp participants and 4 local instrumentalists worked in two ad-hoc studios set up on the festival site of MG Road’s outdoor venue, Zorba. Within this time they exclusively composed together and recorded with instrumentalists invited by UnBox Festival. In this section we profile the collaborators.

Asvajit has been at the forefront of developing Sri Lanka’s fast-evolving EDM sub- culture,mentoring new talent, producing original music, and spearheading a new brand of undergroundevents that have taken the local music scene by storm since beginning his career in 2009.

Apart from producing razor-sharp tunes and whipping dance-floors into a frenzy, Asvajit is also a professional book designer, founding member of Bang Bang Events,Ableton trainer at the Colombo School of Recording Arts and avid jambu enthusiast. He teaches on an informal basis and has collaborated with the Goethe Institute and international artists on EDM workshops.

Gaurav Malaker is a New Delhi based musician, DJ and producer and one half of BLOT!’s live audiovisual act (along with Avinash Kumar). In the six years since BLOT! first emerged, the New Delhi-based multidisciplinary duo have traversed the globe, gigging and exploring, made films and organized their own festivals.

He is also a partner in Qilla Records, one of India’s leading underground dance labels. “Personally as a producer and as a DJ, I’m now more foolhardy of the musical choices that I make. For the most part genre distinction for me is irrelevant. I play sounds that I like (of course, that fit a given context) rather than sticking to styles for the sake of it”.

Ron Schneider is a self taught artist exploring the correlation between sound and technology. Based in Berlin works as a music producer, sound technician, musician and engineer modifying or building custom electronic instruments.

Currently most active projects include his alter ego “Raumagent Alpha”, a dancefloor orientated techno solo project, the realtime improvisation band “Transistors Of Mercy”, the industrial ambient live program “dRONe”, “19-Zoll Stammtisch”, a regular social meeting of experimental electronic musicians and synthesizer nerds, and being part of the sound staff at “Stattbad Wedding”, an art and event space at an abandoned public swimming pool.

Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardeshir (a Mumbai native who grew up playing the piano and keyboard) is known for her diverse blend of electronica which combines jazz rooted, eclectic sensibilities with progressive electronic elements. Live music backgrounds blended with quality dark-studio- production hours, and a heavy dose of UK underground electronica, Sandunes’ tunes bounce between 2 step, future garage, post dub step and experimental electronica.

She currently tours regularly as a live performer- with an intelligent and engaging live set that incorporates organic synth playing + new technology using various pieces of musical and multimedia tools.


TL Mazumdar is a Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer-Songwriter/Producer-Composer whose first instruments are Keyboards/Vocals. A singer-songwriter, keyboardist, producer and composer, TL Mazumdar has toured international Jazz-Fesivals in Asia and Europe . TL’s debut album 4 Walls V2 was released in 2010, a completely DIY effort written and produced alone in a bedroom studio with TL on all instruments except drums.

He is currently living and working as a Live/Studio Musician, Artist, Composer and Educator between Germany and India while also completing his second album.

Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar started his musical journey towards the end of ’90s when he co-founded Bandish Projekt. Since then, he has released 14 singles, a studio album ‘Bhor’ and numerous collaborations. Born in Agra and raised in Ahmedabad, Sagar’s early music tastes were shaped by Mukul Patel, a London-based DJ, who he met while still in school. Patel played at the famous Anokha Club Nights kicked off by influential tabla player Talvin Singh at the legendary Blue Note club in London and introduced Sagar to Asian underground music.

He has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lille 3000 and the Electron Festival, where he performed alongside artists like Diplo and Modeselektor.

Peter Cat Recording Co’s sound Ranges from Gypsy Jazz to Ballroom Waltz to Midnight Moonlight car chase music. They are Karthik – guitarist / organist / trumpeter / electronics guy, Suryakant Sawnhey – frontman / harmonist / samplist / keyboardist, Karan the drummer and Rohan the bassist. Suryakant went to film school, Karan did industrial design, Karthik did film studies, then sound engineering while Rohan did business management.

Karthik has a ‘post dance’ solo project, Jamblu, inspired by the origin of life. Another side project, Begum (a narrative driven approach to music) involves Karthik, Karan and Kshitij — a non-PCRC member who is described as ‘an upcoming stand-up comic and future fatwa holder’.

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