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Zine Press: Exploring Collaborative Content-making at UnBox

Team Quicksand


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In 2013, Unbox brought together graphic practitioners with diverse styles to collaborate on a zine reporting on the festival. Traditional modes of festival reportage build stories, but in parts—the photographers take pictures, the filmmakers shoot footage, the writers pen their accounts. The conversations—exciting and sometimes just beginning—are often lost in singular mediums. The idea of the Zine Press started here. The core team of the Zine Press, each of them diverse in their viewpoints and expressions, built the story of UnBox 2013 together. Says Ruchita: “The vision was that ‘how’ we tell the story will bring new meaning to the content itself.” In this section we profile the Zine Press team.

Professor Teal Triggs : Team Mentor.

Professor Triggs is an educator, historian and writer. Her research focuses primarily on graphic design history, design research methods, self-publishing and feminism. She has led interdisciplinary research teams within the broader field of information environments exploring the role of information in public spaces and community-based learning. She is currently Associate Dean in the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art. She is also involved in research in the emerging field of information environments, specifically that which explores the role of information in public spaces and community-based learning.

Abhijit KR

Abhijit worked as a Graphic Designer at Co-design in Delhi, before leaving to start his own practice in Kerala. He began his career by by exploring possibilities in print design—driven by stories. He has designed Dekho, an anthology of inspirational conversations with Indian designers – a rich visual narrative that creates an experience of the unique context of each person, their work and their ideology. With multiple layers of image and text, it is meant to be experienced anew with each story and reading.

Mayank Mansingh Kaul

Mayank is a Delhi-based textile and fashion designer working with contemporary hand-crafts. He works in the field of Cultural and Creative industries’ Policy.

Along with being the Founder of The Design Project India, an organization to initiate and support curatorial ideas and writing on Indian design, he is trying to create a chronology of events, publications, people, projects related to design in India.

Sameer Kulavoor

Sameer heads an independent studio by the name of Bombay Duck Designs. Kulavoor’s area of work lies at the intersection of graphic design, contemporary illustration and art. He has been self-publishing art books and zines that take a look at characteristic mannerisms & archetypal facets of urban surroundings, design and culture. He is a prolific illustrator who is also known for his music related art and design projects and a number of motion graphic pieces for MTV India.

Kriti Monga

Kriti owns and is the creative head of Turmeric Design Studio in New Delhi. A Visual Communications graduate from the National Institute of Design, India, she believes in the combination of effective strategy with a unique voice that makes every piece delightful and memorable. In addition to skilled illustrations and typography, she brings a deep interest in history, culture, languages and the arts into each project, working comfortably with identity design, signage systems, packaging design, editorial and promotional design.

Ruchita Madhok

Ruchita has trained in exhibition design and scenography. She is a designer from Mumbai where she runs her own studio Kahani Designworks. Her graphic design projects combine photography, painting and hand-drawn lettering in Latin and Devanagri scripts.

Trained in cultural economics and arts managements, she is a fellow of the Goethe Institut supported ARThink Southasia programme, for 2013-14. She leads the studio’s collaborations with institutions and non-profit groups.

Deshna Mehta

Deshna is a visual artist with a passion for photography, writing and curation. After having graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, she moved back to India seeking to find meaningfulness and relevance of graphic design to the Indian masses through research, writing and her design practice. She works out of Mumbai and has co-founded a design and publishing initiative: Anugraha which serves as a platform to encourage and undertake collaborative practices in the field of visual art, design and research.

Mohor Ray

Mohor is the Director (Brand Ideation and Content Lead) at CoDesign, one of India’s leading visual design studios which handles a diverse set of clients’ branding, design and communication needs. Mohor uses her practice to understand how people and culture shape and consume brands. She has also written for Kyoorius Magazine, Bloomsbury and What Design Can Do. As a founding member of the UnBox Festival she has been involved in curating segments at the intersections of design, content and culture, like the Zine Press.

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