Newsletter || June 2015

Unboxing the Creative Practice

Babitha George

Quicksand emerged from a belief in the power of inter-disciplinary collaborations. Over the years we have explored this in our everyday approach to work, as well as in dealing with the complexities that are presented to us.

In addition to our consulting work, we always felt the need to nurture a space that celebrates independent expression, and constantly challenges the stereotypes of how creativity is fostered.

The UnBox Festival thus started with a vision to kickstart an accessible and inspirational platform for diverse audiences to get their hands and minds into the thick of things. Over the five years since its inception in 2011, UnBox has grown with participants from diverse disciplines and geographies to become one of India’s foremost platforms for cross-disciplinary exchanges. This is in large part due to the incredible community that has helped shape this journey that we started a few years back.

“Unbox is a rare and precious event. I always meet people who change my understanding of important questions. As a group, we meet in a spirit of such openness, and in a calm atmosphere, that deeper conversations happen here than at almost any other event I know.”

John Thackara | Doors of Perception

Unbox Goes to London!

This summer, we are headed to London to celebrate and explore ​future opportunities with the largest community of UnBox fellows, participants and friends outside India – co-hosted with the Arts Humanities Research Council in the UK. The time seems right to connect across boundaries and co-create a vision that is inclusive, sustainable and commits itself to long term impact.

Write to us if you are keen to partner us in this endeavor!

Inasmuch as Quicksand has shaped UnBox, it has in turn broadened our world view and helped us build partnerships with an amazing global community. Below, you’ll find a tiny glimpse of some magical moments in the Unbox journey.

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