Get a glimpse of the various independent projects and initiatives that Quicksand has incubated and supported over the years.

Here you will also find a collation of various appearances and publications that folks from the studio have been a part of.

Publishing & Appearances

Under 25 Summit Panel Discussion

Principal & Communications Lead Kevin Shane was part of a panel discussion on “Design for Social Impact” at the Under 25 Summit, India’s largest youth festival. Leaning on his experiences working in the development and humanitarian sectors, Kevin highlighted the key role of the design thinking process in driving both innovation and impact in the work Quicksand does.

Channel News Asia’s “Field Guide to Innovation”

Senior Design Researcher Rikta Krishnaswamy was featured in Channel News Asia’s premiere episode of the series “Field Guide to Innovation”. Along with our partners on the project, Rikta discussed our recent work in Cambodia to reduce the use of plastic bags in the country, whilst also advocating for a human-centered approach to designing new, innovative solutions to longstanding problems and challenges.

Scotland Design Sprint

Babitha recently participated in a design Sprint in the beautiful Scottish village of Anstruther on the Fife coast. The sprint was anchored by Mozilla Foundation and Prof. Jon Rogers of University of Dundee, to explore open IoT, especially in the rural context of this Scottish fishing village. 

The sprint brought together artists, technologists, makers, designers, researchers and others from all over the world for a week to simultaneously learn from fishermen, farmers and teens in the village and to then think of IoT products and stories that sought to build on this understanding. While most such endeavours tend to be focused around the same-ness of city living, the week in Anstruther yielded rich learnings for the whole group. It also provided an alternate way of thinking about innovation, in a slower, more deliberate, thoughtful manner that is an important counter-point to the pace and approach of hackathons. 

The sprint was also the third in a series of events that kicked off with the UnBox Caravan at NID in February 2016. 

To read more about some of the projects that emerged from this sprint + other events: 
A book that offers a glimpse of the week:

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  • DUET

    DUET is a collaboration between Quicksand and Invisible Flock. It is an ambitious new work about identity and finding spaces for expression in our daily lives. An App, an interactive website and a series of outdoor public artworks, DUET is a digital and physical work with multiple levels of engagement.

  • offgrid 01

    Off Grid

    Off Grid, one of Quicksand's incubated ventures, is a digital contact sharing and discovery platform that attempts to unlock a network that is far more ubiquitous and active than traditional internet-based social ecosystems.

  • blot


    B.L.O.T. is the Basic Love Of Things—A collective that functions as an avenue for the independent work, and envisaged as a creative group that explores and creates original content in various mediums such as sound, visuals, film, photography, art, fashion, food, and more.

  • blindboys

    Blindboys is a platform exploring Photography and Shared Territories in and from a new ever-changing Asia.

    In addition to being a platform for new visual perspectives from the continent, also dreams of creating a community for a better synthesis of art, media, and Asian cultures leading to a holism of new Asian visual identities.

  • gameslab logo


    Quicksand formalised a laboratory for play experiences with the christening of the Quicksand GamesLab in early 2013. Initiated as a seed funded project supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK (AHRC), and the British Council at the UnBox Festival 2013, Quicksand GamesLab is now working to publish its first indie video game in collaboration with creative powerhouses BLOT! - a popular electronic arts collective in India.

  • Velowala

    A rich media archive that pieces together the ecosystem of bicycle-based commerce (a.k.a. velocommerce) in India through images, sounds, films, interviews and critiques.

  • Jhoolewala

    Thousands of people earn their livelihood in the City by providing a play experience to young children at their doorsteps. These 'playground-pushers' identify themselves as the 'Jhoolewale'.* ('Jhoola'= Play Equipment; 'Wala'=Person). This documentary was an attempt to imagine a sustainable space for Jhoolewalas in the city.

  • Grey Garden

    The Grey Garden is a multifunctional meeting space at the intersection of fashion, food, culture, and commerce.

  • Greenhouse

    A hybrid space at the intersection of new cultural activity, alternative education and market dynamics - this was the vision for Greenhouse, a community space co-founded by Quicksand and generously funded by the Goethe Institut.