DUET is a collaboration between Quicksand and Invisible Flock. It is an ambitious new work about identity and finding spaces for expression in our daily lives. An App, an interactive website and a series of outdoor public artworks, DUET is a digital and physical work with multiple levels of engagement.

Pairs of participants, one in India and one in the UK, are connected through a custom built messaging app and every day for a year they receive a question, and their answers are forwarded onto their partner as they exchange micro details of their day to day lives. Prompted by DUET they gradually draw an imagined portrait of each other and their surroundings as their messages are anonymously passed back and forth. Over the course of a year, DUET offers up a sparse snapshot of another life in this one to one exchange, challenging preconceptions, exploring our differences and our similarities, our memories, stories, hopes, desires, experiences and personal histories.

DUET explores the phone as a relatively under-used pervasive site for reflection and artistic expression as well as a platform for meaningful interactions. Currently in its research and development phase, we are working towards a prototype this summer and aiming for a full release early 2017.

A collaboration between Quicksand and Invisible Flock. Development funded by British Council.