Greenhouse 2.0

In 2017, we resurrected Greenhouse and took another giant leap towards independence by setting up another bespoke, cooperative studio for creative practice. Located in the quiet village of Aldona in the Goa, the Greenhouse is a collaborative studio setup with our partners The Busride, and Tandem Research. The focal point for our new media and experimental work, the Greenhouse leverages the collective strengths of the partners' studios to initiate and drive collaborative projects forward.

The vision for Greenhouse is to be a space that operates as a catalyst, incubator, and showcase for new cultural enterprise; a space for expanded education; and as a social node for new cultural activity.

The original iteration was located in the picturesque and culturally apt Hauz Khas Village in Delhi. It was established as a hybrid space at the intersection of new cultural activity, alternative education, and market dynamics. It was envisioned as a community space co-founded by Quicksand and generously funded by the Goethe Institut.