Off Grid

Off Grid, one of Quicksand's incubated ventures, is a digital contact sharing and discovery platform that attempts to unlock a network that is far more ubiquitous and active than traditional internet-based social ecosystems.

Digital social networks today provide powerful ways to meet or reconnect with people, explore ideas and share experiences. Yet, we rely on our phone's address book to interact with the most important and closely affiliated individuals of our social circle. We depend on personal references and word-of-mouth exchanges to discover indispensable everyday services and use phone numbers as a valuable social currency to capture new associations.

Off Grid aims to reinvent the address book, one of the least evolved features of the smartphone, by enabling users to create shared directories to store, share, and discover contacts through their most trusted networks. By building a seamless, cloud-based interface to serve actions such as requesting, syncing and organizing contacts, Off Grid hopes to improve what currently represents a scrambled, occasionally outdated, hard-inputted collection of a user's most frequent interactions.