A rich media archive that pieces together the ecosystem of bicycle-based commerce (a.k.a. velocommerce) in India through images, sounds, films, interviews and critiques.

The project was initiated with an invitation to Quicksand to take part in the Design Biennale at St.Etienne, France between November 15-28, 2008. The invitation was extended by John Thackara (of Doors of Perception) who was curating an exhibition on design & sustainability – the City Eco Lab – within the same biennale. John wanted us to put together a sound, image & video installation within City Eco Lab on the variety and vitality of people selling things from or on bicycles.

The objective was to sensitize people to the fact that bike-based commerce does not have to be backward looking and is in fact a viable, flourishing livelihood for millions in India & other developing economies. Check out our mention on the Doors of Perception blog here. We decided to extend our brief a little and do an online installation besides what gets displayed at the exhibition. The website is meant to be a resource that documents and explores opportunities / inspirations for bicycle based commerce in India.