Future of Human Ecologies

in UnBox Events

The world of the future seems to be a smart, fast, connected digital world and it is easy to get seduced by the potential it promises. There is a lot of hype around data-driven futures that will make everything, including our relationships with each other and the places that we live in, smarter and more efficient. However it is also important to focus on our shared humanity and the diversity of our complex lived experiences in our conversations about the future.

How can we find expression and meaning in a world shaped by technology, data and algorithms? How can we think of technology that can manifest our shared culture and values that are also unique to place and context? How can we be educated participants in our own future?

On November 18th, 2017, UnBox brought a day-long, multi-format event to Bangalore to explore these questions and to start conversations about the role of technology in our society, and about how we want to navigate being human in a digital world. Divers experts hosted workshops and panel discussions, while design students showcased their work in an exhibition. The event was in partnership with Mozilla’s Open IoT Studio, Design Academy Eindhoven, and Lowe’s Innovation Labs.