Innovation Through User-Centered Design - Workshop

in UnBox Events

Quicksand and fellow REACH Network partner studios Apogee and STBY led a hands-on exploratory workshop on the theory and practice of design research and thinking under the UnBox umbrella. This marked another step in the evolution of UnBox from a stand-alone festival to a platform for collaboration.

This day-long workshop elucidated for participants how design research can provide new ways of evaluating their personal as well as organizational work, and inculcated an understanding of what individuals can do to change how they and their organizations work. Targeted at a diverse group of professionals and students, the objective was to familiarise participants with some of the approaches and tools that can assist in applying design methods in their work and studies. The workshop encouraged participants to find a personal resonance with design research through re-examining their unique challenges both personally and in a group setting in a curated masterclass, where they encountered design thinking methods, case studies, and processes.

The workshop was hosted by UnBox and held at Numa Bengaluru Events Space.