UnBox PopUp: London

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In an effort to share and bring together our partners and friends in the UK, UnBox hosted a PopUp event in London on June 25, 2015 with the support of AHRC. The PopUp featured a roundtable with invited partners, followed by a public event- showcasing selected UnBox LABS & Fellowships projects.

The roundtable in London sought to bring together diverse partners, from across UK universities and institutions, to collectively deliberate on themes and formats that could be meaningful for future India-UK partnerships via the UnBox platform. Using a preliminary exercise whereby we mapped emerging trends across Indian’s cultural and social landscape, and used it as a provocation, the roundtable sought to elicit debate and discussion from all partners and seek inputs on how UnBox could further facilitate this exchange.

Moderated by John Thackara from the Doors of Perception, the roundtable began with UnBox welcoming partners and collectively exploring why multidisciplinarity was important and how and why we were each contemplating collaborations. We also brought together different perspectives on the opportunities for themes, formats and platforms for Indo-UK collaborations. The London PopUp was in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK.