UnBox Caravan 2016: Connected Communities and Digital Futures

The UnBox Caravan was a two-week event at NID Ahmedabad exploring the theme “Connected Communities & Digital Futures”. It was a customised edition of the UnBox LABS meant for a smaller, hand-selected set of participants to collaboratively explore shared learning, experiences, and research.

The Caravan explored an immersive people-centred learning experience through an emergent process that was not predefined, but instead evolved through the collective energies and interests of the group. It catalysed cross-disciplinary projects built on interactions & dialogue between creative practitioners and researchers through an immersive, hands-on lab experience, which built on previous UnBox engagements.

The broad theme for this edition of the Caravan allowed participants to explore projects and ideas around people-centred technologies, and social applications of technology, through the lens of multi-disciplinary approaches that are future-facing and sustainable.

With the Caravan, UnBox continues its emphasis on interdisciplinary, intercultural collaborations, where creative practices work alongside research in order to contribute to global discourse while still remaining hyper-local, sustainable, hands-on, demonstrable, and rich in process. This edition of the UnBox Caravan was in partnership with Mozilla Foundation, British Council and NID Ahmedabad.

Take a look at the publication here.