UnBox Caravan 2017 : Craft Edition

This edition of the Caravan represented one of many convenings hosted by Mozilla’s Open Iot Studio, and was really a continuation of the inaugural event at NID Ahmedabad the previous year. The intent of the Caravans is to bring together a group of interesting and interested people to explore our collective technology futures through multicultural and interdisciplinary lenses. Over several gatherings a specific focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) emerged, and became a key exploration point for this Caravan.

In March 2017, we brought together a smaller set of partners at the Quicksand studio in Goa,in a format that was more open than usual in order to explore and think together about some of the themes that participants had been exploring independently through their own work. Craft, decentralized practices, and the politics of production are not themes that naturally align with the IoT, but as a group the participants had all been exploring these very themes, directly or indirectly with technology, and wanted to see how our learnings and the challenges we were grappling with could be further built upon together.

Through an intentionally unstructured format, the group was able to slow things down, pause, observe, and listen intently. This facilitated earnest debates, but ones that built upon shared knowledge rather than seeking to break down other perspectives. The culmination of these explorations and conversations was a long-form publication that seeks to capture and share the experience.

View publication here.