EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, 2016

Eyemyth Festival 2016

EyeMyth is a festival of art and expression. It is the only festival of its kind in India aiming to look at the past and scoping the future of international audio-visual media. In February 2016, delivered in collaboration with the  Japan Media Arts Festival - a prestigious annual media art festival which recognises creative achievements across the four categories: art, entertainment, animation, and manga. This year, the festival was curated around the theme of representations of somatic impulses in media art. Events at the festival, which took place at cultural institutions throughout Mumbai, included: interactive audiovisual installations at Sitara Studio, live multimedia performances at the 150-year-old Edward ‘Talkie’ Cinema, award-winning film screenings from around the world and a workshop on analog modular synthesisers at Dolby Labs.