EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, 2017

Eyemyth 2017 Poster

Exploring present and future cases of immersive storytelling and new media, EyeMyth brings together pioneering artists, performers and experts at the forefront of these fields.

How  do new  media and  digital technology influence the way we perceive our reality and its temporal notions of past,  present and future? This question  can be reversed: How can perceptions  of time influence our imagination of emerging  technology?

EyeMyth’s 2017 edition, Future As Fiction, attempted to unravel these questions at a three day festival in Mumbai in august 2017 in partnership with Indian School of Design and Innovation. The festival traversed multiple locations in Mumbai to create, discover and engage with new elements in the digital space. The festival featured an array of exhibitions, workshops and performances that explored various forms of expression through new media.