Enhancing Education on the Open Web

Project Brief

Cisco approached us to develop a vision for a web product that would facilitate remote interactions between a diverse set of stake-holders in the education sector. The focus was on developing markets and amongst the stake-holders were a widely dispersed group of students, teachers, content providers, universities, vocational training institutes and school administrators.

Quicksand's role was to design a system level framework which would lay out the different interactions that the product could facilitate. This would then become the basis for developing top level features in order for the technology development process to take-off.

Ethnographic research was the key tool to understand user realities and bring that understanding to bear on product development. The system was designed to leverage social networks and user generated content over time.

Storyboards were developed to demonstrate possible journeys of the product in use. These scenarios covered the entire spectrum of short, medium and long term manifestations of the product.

The concept presentation played a crucial role in mobilizing internal support for product development. The project is currently in the technology development phase.

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