Assessing Early Childhood Brain Development Using Games

Project Brief

India houses the largest number of children in the world. While physical development of a child can be monitored by weighing and taking a child’s length there are no easily scalable methods to assess the way a child’s brain is developing during early childhood.

Currently, assessments involve time-consuming evaluations by skilled professionals such as a pediatrician or clinical psychologist. They often have to use expensive tools, making this unaffordable for most families.

In collaboration with the REACH Network, we are developing a scalable neurodevelopmental assessment tablet-based app for children aged 3-5 years. The app is designed so that community health workers can take it into the homes of young children. It’s comprised of games that are designed to assess cognition by tapping into skills such as attention, memory, inhibition, reasoning and visual integration.

The final assessment will comprise a combination of our tablet-based games and EEG recordings.

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