Understanding Usage Behaviours Around Low-cost Smartphones

Project Brief


What is the profile of typical users and typical situations of use for low cost smartphones in India? Have the characteristics of new low cost smartphones triggered new behaviours and ways of using other mobile and smart devices such as phones, laptops, tablets. These were some of the questions that Quicksand aimed to answer in the course of this study, which was done along with our REACH partners, STBY in Europe and Apogee in China.

The goal of the project was to develop a series of insights that feed strategic as well as design inputs for a global telecommunications company through ethnographic design research across India, China and Europe.


The project involved documenting in-depth, a set of users, in the context of their homes, work, at play and in transit, to better understand the usage of their phone. The team also conducted a group session with a larger group of users on the topic to seek out further insights. The focus of this study must be grounded in people's current mobile phone usage, with a perspective to identify needs and preferences that could be satisfied by future designs and concepts.

The project culminated in a set of short video documentaries, capturing users with their phones in varied contexts. These along with a detailed deck of user stories was presented to the client in a facilitated workshop, and the content was used to create insights that would feed product and strategic development.

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