Mobile Learning Strategies For Employability

Project Brief

A strong proponent of blended learning, Quest Alliance currently provides relevant digital (desktop) content and facilitator driven vocational training to under-served youth learners aged between 16 to 30 years. Mobile technologies, however, open up the possibility of providing an immersive, continuous and personalized learning experience inside as well as outside the classroom. Given the recent widespread diffusion of mobile phones in India, Quest sought to explore, design and pilot a mobile learning platform to further engage with students, alumni, facilitators, and employers.

Quicksand led all stages of research and concept development for the mobile learning platform with the aim to explore ways in which the platform can be leveraged to connect and engage continuously with key stakeholders, address challenges such as variable familiarity with mobile technology amongst learners, and provide support in environments characterized by high job attrition and limited professional resources.

Building on user insights from previous projects with QUEST, we began with creating tangible scenarios, prototypes and experiences, building on the existing frameworks found within the QUEST curriculum. We took these scenarios to the field to meet with students and alumni from QUEST's partner institutes in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. The scenarios and prototypes were used as cues to elicit responses to gauge interests, readiness and perceptions, as well as to probe overall mobile and learning behaviour patterns and define elements of the ideal user persona.

Key observations and insights were synthesised into a comprehensive four stage journey map for the users, along with an implementation plan covering communication, capacity building, content development, and technology requirements.

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