Envisioning a New Consumer Banking Experience

Project Brief

Quicksand was approached by one of the new licensees of banking services in India for a research and service design project. In line with the client's vision to disrupt the status quo of banking, Quicksand steered a pan-India ethnography study to help build out customer propositions and a differentiated experience for the bank across multiple product and service touch points including mobile, web, branch, phone and ATMs.

Over the course of the project, Quicksand tried to answer a few key questions.

  • What constitutes a great banking experience?
  • What will compel people to migrate to a new bank
  • What will convince people to their new bank

Our research efforts were focused on mapping the user's current ecosystem of banking as well as their other financial rituals, practices, associated artifacts alongside trying to understand the reason for their behaviour and preferences. The output of this pan-India research was converted into a microsite for the client to be able to deep-dive into the context.

Quicksand also collaborated with multiple experts on this project, to create varied outputs which represent a holistic banking experience. The project team comprised of an Architectural and space design agency, a Communication design practice, a Progressive web agency, a Mobile development agency and a Brand and advertising consultant.

Findings from the research were synthesised and led to the formulation of an acquisition strategy for the new bank for various consumer segments. Alongside, Quicksand developed the core design principles for a cohesive brand experience across different customer touch-points.

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