Reenvisioning the Indian Fast-food Experience

Project Brief

Domino’s Pizza has always been more than just food in India.  A slice of Domino’s to Indians is a symbol of moving away from the norm, an adventure, a way to experience dining without the weight of tradition. It has incorporated itself into the Indian lifestyle, becoming since its first outlet in 1996, a powerful player in the spectrum of dining in the country.

Today, in an age at which user-experiences in all spheres of food retail have reached new highs, the average Domino's customer has begun to demand more than just sheer nostalgia in a slice.

In our project for Jubilant foods, through deep involvement in the existing mechanisms of the company, we investigated the semantics of the existing Domino’s experience. We divided the organisation’s service delivery systems into Phone, Dine-In, and Digital as each are core components of the company and have their own nuances and idiosyncrasies that needed to be investigated and reimagined in their own way. During our research key questions came up: What does the new and evolved diner need? In an age of speed, how much time must be spent in an order? 

We looked at the holistic picture, at all the people involved in the Domino’s process - and realized – to truly innovate the process requires addressing all aspects of it. Long waiting times, lack of menu recommendations, illegible or unintuitive names for pizzas, unclear language at the back-end of pizza production – were some of the gaps in the process that we found during research.  Taking into consideration that Domino’s Pizza in India is the fast growing Domino’s in the world, we looked not to detach from its history, but rather build within an already established legacy.

The idea then became not to erase, but to observe with rigour – and enhance minor successes and tweak errors in the Domino’s process. We envisioned an evolved mechanism — more robust, motivating, and clear than its predecessor, a well-working machine with clear language and smoothness at all ends. Armed with on-field research, testimonies and the social realities of all the people involved in the process, we created a new and evolved Domino’s experience worthy of all its members.

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