Great WASH Yatra : A Travelling Sanitation Awareness Campaign

Project Brief

There is a sanitation crisis in India. Thousands of children die every day from preventable diarrhea. Women spend 200 million hours collecting water every day. For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, $8 is returned in increased productivity.

Armed with these facts, WASH United and Quicksand conceptualized and are leading The “Great WASH Yatra"(TGWY): a multi-channel, mega-campaign to promote awareness and behavioral change around sanitation and hygiene practices in India.


Taking inspiration from typical Indian mela (village carnivals) the campaign journeyed across multiple locations in 5 Indian states. The traveling caravan unpacked into a carnival grounds spanning over 6,000 square meters. Song, dance, theater, art, rides, games, and vendors themed and aligned around a unique narrative involving hygiene heroes vs. blight demons providing education while spreading the message of clean water and sanitation for all.

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