E-Learning for Employability

Project Brief

QUEST Alliance is a non-profit that works to enhance the quality and relevance of formal elementary education and employability training for disadvantaged children and youth in India.

QUEST's E-learning for Employability project was aimed at creating a comprehensive entry level Retail Management course, including developing and validating curriculum, creating tools which will enable effective delivery and create a ground for partnership with vocational training institutes who would pilot the course.

In seeking to understand the real needs of the learner and the context of the institutions, QUEST partnered with us to do an immersive design research study and come up with a possible road map for what the ideal student experience should be like.

We spent time with institutes, learners and alumni across cities to understand their motivations, aspirations, strengths and challenges. Based on the voices we heard from the field, we came up with broad insights and some directions for a technology-enabled learning model.

We spent time in the field for two months observing and documenting what people (students, facilitators, organizations, employers) had to say about their experiences in various livelihood contexts. This evolved into specific insights and a livelihood journey which provided inspiration and direction for the innovation workshop, as well as seed content on the knowledge platform in the form of video, stories, profiles and discussions. During the workshop we also ran a co-design session with stakeholder groups in order to build stakeholder-relevance into the platform.

We worked with QUEST on multiple aspects of the Livelihood Connect platform including:

  • Research, experience design and facilitation for an innovation workshop
  • Synthesis of insights from the field and workshop to create an innovation workbook for field practitioners
  • Setting up the content structure and technology architecture for the knowledge sharing web platform
  • Branding and identity
Glimpses from the Workshop

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